TUV Rheinland launches photo biological safety lab in South Korea

TUV Rheinland has opened a photobiological safety testing laboratory in South Korea. The new facility will support Korea-based manufacturers of LED products and lighting systems to target local and international markets, including the EU.

As well as offering one-stop testing for CB and CE certification to IEC 62471 and IEC TR 62778 standards, the new lab is the first ENEC-TL accredited facility in South Korea, according to TUV. It is accredited to test products and issue ENEC certifications - a necessary qualification for any lighting equipment vendor interested in entering any EU market.

"Photobiological safety testing is essential because the glare from lighting systems can be hazardous to the human eye and skin. This is especially true for LED lighting, which can concentrate largely invisible blue light radiation energy on the delicate retina and potentially cause irrevocable eye damage," said Holger Kunz, executive vice president for products at TUV Rheinland.

The new lab is equipped to measure the color temperature and luminance of blue light in wavelengths between 380 and 780nm and determine what risk group the LED product falls into. For instance, Group 0 is for products that pose no risk, Group 1 for low risk and Group 2 for medium risk.

Group 3 is reserved for products that are considered high risk, even for short periods of exposure, and the IEC 62471 and IEC TR 62778 standards prohibit their use in lamps, LEDs or general purpose lighting tools, according to TUV.

The facility is also equipped with a 10-meter rail facility which allows the evaluation of high lumen and high power rating lighting products and lighting systems.

"TUV Rheinland Korea is developing strict evaluation standards and services optimized to respond promptly to rapidly developing technology, diversifying products, and the requirements of markets and consumers. We are constantly expanding the scope of our testing, as well as actively investing in testing facilities. This new photobiological safety lab provides an ideal environment for testing lighting devices to globally acknowledged safety standards," said Carsten Lienemann, CEO of TUV Rheinland Korea.