ITL Virginia Accredited to ISO 13485

Integrated Technologies Ltd has successfully achieved accreditation of ITL Virginia Inc., its wholly owned subsidiary in the United States, to ISO 13485 Certification.

The audit was held at ITL Virginia on November 9–10, 2016 with Dr. Philip Macarthy from BSI America, and was hosted by Thomas Jull, VP of operations, and Andrew Goodenough, Q&A manager.  

This is particularly good news as October marked the successful three year ISO 13485 re-certification of ITL, which allows ITL Virginia to be cleanly added as an additional site.

The audit at ITL Virginia was very successful and covered the full scope of ISO 13485 apart from design and development, which is currently only performed in the UK. The auditor, Dr. Macarthy, expressed sincere compliments on the layout of the work environment and the robust quality system that is currently in place. 

ITL Virginia operates to the same quality management dystem as the ITL Head Office to ensure absolute consistency across the group. Therefore, is easy to set up, run, transfer, support, and monitor medical device projects across the company.